Fantasy football is a game of skill, where winners are chosen  based on the scores that they get by organizing a team of real world players or predicting the outcome of real world matches. Unlike gambling, fantasy football goes not depend on chance because the more knowledgeable you are about players and team, the more likely you are to win the price. Did we mention that our prizes are guaranteed? That is right. The price displayed on the contest lobby must be won by the person who gets the highest points.



Fantasy football prioritizes the same skills and contributions that give real soccer players their value. Since the point of the match is score goals and win a match, we weigh goals scored more heavily when calculating the score of each player. However, we also give credit to the players who make meaningful contribution such as those in defense and midfield.

As you start to develop your strategies, pay attention to players who are the most involved in the game’s action, and look for them to rack up points in categories like passes, interceptions, tackles, and especially shots on goal.


The Best Strategy For Winning Fantasy Football Games Is To Pick Players Who Are Likely To Start For Their Real World Teams, And Also Have A High Impact On The Games!



Build the best lineup you can by filling all 4 of the positions below. Just make sure you stay under the $60,000 salary cap. Football Games are made of 11 players


One Player Possition

Goal Keepers Earn Points When They: Save a penalty, their team scores, when they make a save, and when they keep a clean sheet. They also lose points for conceding a goal.




Depending on whether you adopt a 4-4-2 , 4-3-3 , 4-5-1 , 4-4-1-1 , 4-2-3-1 , 5-3-2 , 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 formation, you can have between 2 and five defenders. Defenders win points for interceptions, blocking shots, clearances, and successful passes.

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You can get two to five mid fielders depending on the formation that you choose. Midfielders will get points for assists, tackles, scoring a goal, and successful passes. They will also be deducted points if they are booked or commit a foul.




You can get one or two forward/strikers/attackers depending on the formation that you choose. Strikers will get points for assists, scoring a goal, and creating chances . They will also be deducted points if they are booked or commit a foul.

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Clean Sheet = 10pts
Saved Penalty Shot= 6 PTS
Saves= 3 PTS
Conceading Goals= -1 PT


Clean Sheet = 2.00 PTS
60 Minutes Played = 1.00
Assist= Assists = 6.00
Shots = 1.00
Goals = 10.00


Own Goal = -1.00
Yellow Cards = -1.50
Off sides = -2.00
Red Cards = -3.00
Pen Miss = -5.00

  • How do i earn points?
  • Who Can Play Fantasy Football?
  • I thought i could play for free. Why am i being asked to make a deposit?
  • What is Pesa?
  • How do i sign up?
  • Contest Cancellation
  • Is FanPesa Legal?
  • Where do i see the contests that i have entered into?
  • Why cant i see any contests to enter?
  • All the contests have no price. Why is this?
  • Do you have beginner contests?
  • Where can i view my balance?
  • How do i deposit money?
  • How do i withdraw money?
  • I won! When can i get the money?
  • Are there deposit bonuses?
  • How can I refer my friends?
  • How do i cancel a contest?
  • What if my player is transferred from his current team?
  • Your player lineup
  • Error in a line up
How do i earn points?

For you to start earning points, you need to create a team of real world players, who will then earn you  points based on their performance in their team. Your objective is to choose players who are likely to  have the greatest impact on their team, regardless of the team that they play for.  The players will earn points as shown below:

Goals 10 Points
Assists 6 Points
Penalty Scored 3 Points
Saves 2 Points
Clean Sheet 2 Points
Fouls Drawn 1 Point
Shots 1 Point
60 Minutes Played 1 Point
Shots On Goal 1 Point
Own Goal -1 Point
Yellow Cards -1.5 Point
Offside -2 Points
Goals Conceded -2 Points
Red Cards -3 Points
Penalty Miss -5 Points
Who Can Play Fantasy Football?

You must be 18 years or older to play. Please play responsibly as fantasy football is addictive.

I thought i could play for free. Why am i being asked to make a deposit?

Our contests are free to enter.

However, we also offer a chance to enter the paid contests to those who are looking to get extra thrill and more money!

Thus, you can make a deposit right when you register or continue to play for for free. We ask you periodically if you want to make a deposit just so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to enter our cash games.

What is Pesa?

Pesa is the swahili word for “money’.

In our website, we also use pesa to refer a type of currency/bonus that FanPesa created for use in our contests as entry fees.

You can get Pesa as bonus for buying items from our shop. Contests entered with Pesa are eligible for the same cash prize payouts as those entered and paid for with real cash.

However, Pesa cannot be withdrawn from your account, but the winnings made using Pesa can be withdrawn.

How do i sign up?

Signing up is easy. Click on the “Register” link that is on the right side of the top menu. Fill in the simple form and you are ready to start playing!

Contest Cancellation

FanPesa reserves the right to cancel a contest for any reason.

Is FanPesa Legal?

Yes. Playing fantasy sports is a legal game of skill that does not involve chance in determining the winner.

Where do i see the contests that i have entered into?

You need to log in in order to see a list of all the contests that you have entered. Once logged in click on My Fantasy at the top of any page to view your contests.

Scroll down that menu for more options like deposit money, upcoming events, live events, and your ranking.

Why cant i see any contests to enter?

Please check to make sure that you have not added any contest filters and reset them and see if that solves the problem. If not, please send us a message so we can check the issue ASAP.

All the contests have no price. Why is this?

It is possible that you have set the filter for prize to zero. Try resetting that and see if it solves the problem.

Do you have beginner contests?

Yes. We hold a number of free and paid contests for beginners.These are restricted to new users, and therefore, allow you to play against other users with similar playing experience

Where can i view my balance?

You can view your balance by clicking on “My Funds” menu, which is located under “My Fantasy”

How do i deposit money?

You must be over 18 years to deposit funds. Please use the “add funds” option.

How do i withdraw money?

You can place a withdrawal request using the “withdraw funds” menu.

I won! When can i get the money?

Congratulations on your win! As soon as the last game in the contest is over and we receive the final scores, we will determine a winner and process your prize.

We normally get everyone’s prizes awarded the next day.

In the event of a tie in a contest with a cash prize, we’ll split the prize evenly between all the winners. Ties in contests with a non-cash prize or a ticket to the next round of a tournament will be determined by that contest entrant that has the highest individual point-earner in their lineup. Should the contest still be tied, the next highest individual point-earner will be used and so on until the winner is determined. Should the contest still be tied (for example, the tied entrants used the same lineup) then the winner will be that entry that was entered first.

Are there deposit bonuses?


We offer deposit bonuses at a rate of 4% (4 cents) for every $1 of contest entry fees paid with real cash in a qualifying contest.

In other words, every time you pay a contest entry fee with real cash in a qualifying contest, you will receive $0.04 for every $1 spent. Any contests that do not qualify will be specified in the contest description.

How can I refer my friends?

We’ve made referring friends a simple process which can be done from a number of places on the site. Simply click the referral link at the top of every page and chose whether you want to use email, twitter, facebook, or send a direct link to them.

All methods are simple and efficient!

How do i cancel a contest?

You may cancel an entry in a contest up to 15 minutes before the contest is scheduled to begin, unless the contest is filled, or is a contest you created that another user has joined. Once a contest’s spots have been filled, the contest is locked and nobody can enter or cancel an entry.

When you create a contest that another user has joined you cannot cancel your entry from it either. If you withdraw from a contest you created before another user joins, that contest will be cancelled.

To cancel your entry, click the “Edit” button from your My Contests Page for the contest you want to cancel. If you are eligible to cancel your entry, you will see a “Withdraw” link on the right hand side of the contest header. Clicking this link will remove your entry into that contest, and your entry fee will be credited to your account immediately.

What if my player is transferred from his current team?

If a player already in your lineup is traded to another team included in the same contest, he will earn points as he normally would (assuming of course that he plays). If a player in your lineup is traded to another team that is outside the player’s original contest or the traded player doesn’t play that day, that player will not score any points.

Please note: Because our line-ups are refreshed each night, there could be instances where a traded player still appears in the lineup for his old team. It’s each user’s responsibility to make sure that their lineups reflect the most up-to-date player information.

Any player traded from a team with a “late” start-time to a team with an earlier start time and plays the same day they were traded will not accumulate points unless he appears on the roster for his new team that day.

Your player lineup

Each user is responsible for making sure his/her lineup is set according to the rules established for each contest regarding start times. Be sure to check the terms of each contest you enter to understand when your lineup needs to be set.

Your lineup will be locked and no changes can be made to any player once you are within 1 minute of the start time of the first game within the contest slate.

Error in a line up

In the event that an invalid lineup is entered into a contest, it will not score any fantasy points. An invalid lineup includes, but is not limited to a lineup that exceeds the salary cap, exceeds the maximum number of players from a single team for the sport, contains players from less than 3 teams or does not contain all required positions. If a lineup is entered into a contest after the contest hits the maximum number of entries (defined by date-time stamp), and/or is a lineup that exceeds the maximum number of entries from a single user, FanPesa will remove that lineup from the list of entries, refund the entry fee to the user that entered the invalid lineup, and, if applicable, revise the prize payout



We are always happy to help. Please talk to us via live chat, email, or phone if you are having any issues with your account or accessing the website. However, getting started is very easy that you should barely need any support. Follow these three simple steps to get started:


FanPesa Provides Weekly Leagues Where Players Submit Their Best Team Of Players From Any Of The Major Leagues And Compete Against Other Players For Cash Prices!


To Enter Our Contest, Players Are Required To Submit A Team Of Players Who They Think Will Give The Best Performance During The Actual Games In The Chosen Leagues!


All Prices Are Guaranteed! Just Become One Of The Top Entrants And Earn. The Cash Price In Some Contest is For A Single Player, While Other Contests Pay Out To Multiple Winners.


Our system is designed with the players in mind. This is because we ensure that there is a winner for every contest that we place on our page. It is no wonder we have the highest payout ration in the industry!


Invest in a winning strategy to ensure you overcome your competition. Every player you start in your line up should give you the highest return possible!

How It Works


Enjoy the thrill of playing fantasy football with other expert players and see your earning potential go through the roof. Its a win win!


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